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Whitewater Digital was founded by Tye Odom in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Prior to founding Whitewater Digital, Tye was the Director of SEO for a Marketing & Data company with offices across the United States. Starting with only himself, Tye designed a highly qualified team of seven ranging from SEO Analysts, Link Builders and SEO content writers.


Tye established and implemented SEO strategies for eleven websites that were company owned and operated. Additionally, he and his team also provided SEO consulting for many of their clients. This includes YoY organic traffic growth for various clients and sites. He led the SEO training for the entire team while providing valuable insights and analysis to both external clients and internal brands at the company.


He has learned from and worked closely with people like Link Moses, a link building legend, the late, great Eric Ward. Eric was good friend and colleague of his. Tye has always been a white-hat SEO strategist and he takes the approach of never getting close to the line. He wants to future-proof the sites he works on to avoid penalties later.


Please visit Tye’s LinkedIn profile and read the incredible recommendations and endorsements he has received.

Tye was recently featured on Stanventures.com SEO Podcast in July 2020. This podcast hosted SEO legends like Niel Patel, Bruce Clay, and Rand Fishkin around the same time. Click below to listen to the SEO Podcast he was.


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